Hi guyssss! My prelims are finally over, well I’m kinda enjoying my stress-free weekend. Hoping we won’t have quizzes this week.. :(

Ripped jeans - Crissa

We can never go wrong with basics! :) I had this jeans for a long time already but I don’t wear it often though.

Plain V-Neck Shirt from Giordano

Polarized RayBan Wayfarer from Dad

I was so happy when my dad told me via Skype that he ordered RayBan for me. And he did it online, ooooh my dad knows online shopping now! HAHAHA!

Necklace from @luciddreamingph (Hi ekaaa!

Bag from Celine & flats from Cotton On

God bless everyone! I hope you’re enjoying the weekend as much as I do. :)

INSTAGRAM UPDATE (@biamagsino)

I use vscocam filters mostly, well I guess.. all the time. HAHA! 


Hooray for another outfit post because of the long weekend. It was actually raining hours before I took this shot, thanking God for the sunset. #GoldenHour


Denim Jacket - Levi’s

My denim jacket is already vintage, like it’s old already since it’s my moms. I like how it doesn’t get out of style.


Top - Bazaar

You can never go wrong with black and white, they’re my staple and on-the-go colours whenever I can’t choose what colour to buy/wear.



Skirt - Bettina Mnl

The skirt material isn’t like an ordinary skater skirt, it’s like garterized cotton and it’s kind of heavy.






Ruby jelly flats - Cotton On

A must buy for me since I study in UST which is always flooded when it rains. Good thing I haven’t experience flood yet. :p


Tried flipping my hair, sorry guys. HAHAHA


God bless! :)

Last weekend, my family went to Island Cove and we had fishing then my cousins swam. :)

Kimono - Sugaritta | Shorts - Forever21

Inner top - Forever 21

Kimono’s being a trend since it’s breezy and lightweight to wear. 

Shades - Asterisk Manila | Sandals - Tutum Shop

But first let me take a selfie….. with a flower :)

Instax is love <3

Here’s a picture of the sunset I took. :)

God bless!

Short update

Who adores VSCOCAM like me? Their filters are so nice, I even bought other presets because they’re just so pretty. We had a pretty chill week because we didn’t have classes on tuesday and no classes tomorrow. Yehey! Although there was flood in UST yesterday, I wasn’t able to experience it (yeyy!) because I was in my mom’s office. I haven’t shoot yet, hoping tomorrow and for the long weekend so I can have an outfit shot taken. 

(top left - at a restaurant | top right - blue gadgets | bottom left - cutie phone | bottom right - my fave shade)

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