Short update

Who adores VSCOCAM like me? Their filters are so nice, I even bought other presets because they’re just so pretty. We had a pretty chill week because we didn’t have classes on tuesday and no classes tomorrow. Yehey! Although there was flood in UST yesterday, I wasn’t able to experience it (yeyy!) because I was in my mom’s office. I haven’t shoot yet, hoping tomorrow and for the long weekend so I can have an outfit shot taken. 

(top left - at a restaurant | top right - blue gadgets | bottom left - cutie phone | bottom right - my fave shade)

I’ve been listening to Rude nonstop, aaaah it’s so addicting! Haha! I just added “Pink” because of the dominant color of my top.

Top - Surgaritta

School has been really a stress. We have a quiz every day, can you imagine? Sometimes it’s even 2 or more. What’s harsh is that, the worse subjects are those minors and not our major.

Cover up - Forever 21

I’m itching for weekends always because it’s when I get some rest. How’s school for you? lol

Shoes - Vans

God bless!

Finally!!!! :) Hello guys, hooray for us Thomasians! No classes todaaay! :) Long weekend awaits. :)

Top from Plains and Prints ; Sandals from People are People

Skirt from Bettina Manila

Look at those cute cats’ ootd on my skirt! HAHAHA

God bless guys :)

Hello guys! :)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. My school started this July thus making it hard for me to find time for outfit shoots and blogging. As I’ve said from my previous posts, I’m living in a dorm/condo so that I’ll be near when I’m going to school since it’s just steps away. We had quizzes already and the likes. ~college life~ it is. HAHA! :) So how was your July? :)

I remember I had this washable tattoos included in the Candy Mag (I honestly do not know what month was that, I’m sincerely a candy mag addict! :p)

Daisy dress from Cotton On

Daisies and sunflower prints are so “in” right now. May it be on tops, dresses, skirts, shorts & accessories. Well, who can resist the pretty flowers right? 

Belt from my mom’s closet :)

I was having my pictures taken in a vacant lot in our subdivision (oops) while my nephew and our helper’s daughter were playing/running around. Then Jarren came to me and gave me these flowers which he just picked somewhere. 

My hair color is just… idk. -_- My roots are already growing so ew. HAHA

Oxfords from Harajuku, Japan

I forgot I still had this pair! :)

God bless! <3

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