Hooray for another outfit post because of the long weekend. It was actually raining hours before I took this shot, thanking God for the sunset. #GoldenHour

Denim Jacket - Levi’s

My denim jacket is already vintage, like it’s old already since it’s my moms. I like how it doesn’t get out of style.

Top - Bazaar

You can never go wrong with black and white, they’re my staple and on-the-go colours whenever I can’t choose what colour to buy/wear.

Skirt - Bettina Mnl

The skirt material isn’t like an ordinary skater skirt, it’s like garterized cotton and it’s kind of heavy.

Ruby jelly flats - Cotton On

A must buy for me since I study in UST which is always flooded when it rains. Good thing I haven’t experience flood yet. :p

Tried flipping my hair, sorry guys. HAHAHA

God bless! :)

Last weekend, my family went to Island Cove and we had fishing then my cousins swam. :)

Kimono - Sugaritta | Shorts - Forever21

Inner top - Forever 21

Kimono’s being a trend since it’s breezy and lightweight to wear. 

Shades - Asterisk Manila | Sandals - Tutum Shop

But first let me take a selfie….. with a flower :)

Instax is love <3

Here’s a picture of the sunset I took. :)

God bless!

Short update

Who adores VSCOCAM like me? Their filters are so nice, I even bought other presets because they’re just so pretty. We had a pretty chill week because we didn’t have classes on tuesday and no classes tomorrow. Yehey! Although there was flood in UST yesterday, I wasn’t able to experience it (yeyy!) because I was in my mom’s office. I haven’t shoot yet, hoping tomorrow and for the long weekend so I can have an outfit shot taken. 

(top left - at a restaurant | top right - blue gadgets | bottom left - cutie phone | bottom right - my fave shade)

I’ve been listening to Rude nonstop, aaaah it’s so addicting! Haha! I just added “Pink” because of the dominant color of my top.

Top - Surgaritta

School has been really a stress. We have a quiz every day, can you imagine? Sometimes it’s even 2 or more. What’s harsh is that, the worse subjects are those minors and not our major.

Cover up - Forever 21

I’m itching for weekends always because it’s when I get some rest. How’s school for you? lol

Shoes - Vans

God bless!

Finally!!!! :) Hello guys, hooray for us Thomasians! No classes todaaay! :) Long weekend awaits. :)

Top from Plains and Prints ; Sandals from People are People

Skirt from Bettina Manila

Look at those cute cats’ ootd on my skirt! HAHAHA

God bless guys :)

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